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Posted: Thursday, August 21, 2014 12:08 AM

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I am in search of a classic rock band... Working or start up. Many years of playing but took a break and now I want to play again... More info to those who are interested...

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, Twin Cities

Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 10:48 PM

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PRO Male vocalist age 46 available for existing Cover/Original band. Not looking to form from ground, looking to join pre-existing group. Can sing anything but lean towards 70's Rock and Country Rock/Pop. It's difficult to pinpoint due to my versatility and the fact I am very open minded.

Not looking to Gig every weekend by any means, in fact, even once per month would be fine. Just seeking some down to earth easy going players based in or around the twin cities who like to have fun. We'll meet, Jam and see where it goes!

I'll be happy to share some links to any interested bands if your response catches my attention. I "GUARANTEE" Extraordinary vocal talent and showmanship. I wouldn't waste anyone's time. Promise!

Please respond to:

and NOT this ad. "Thanks"

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul

Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 1:11 PM

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Mike Moloney Entertainment is seeking bands, soloists, and musicians to perform on cruise ships around the world.

We currently provide musicians to ALL the major cruise lines and are seeking musicians to fill spots for contracts of up to six months.

That's right you get to see the world, meet some awesome people, play music, and we pay you for it! This is a great way to start your career.

We are seeking:

Showband/Orchestra Musicians:
Male and Female Vocalists

Piano Intermissionist
Guitar Intermissionist
Piano Bar Entertainers
Pub Entertainers
Soloists with Great Vocals and a modern, Top-40, Repertoire

We need duos with vocals who have a modern repertoire, Top-40 Repertoire.

Top-40, Rock, Classic Rock, Latin, and Caribbean Bands Needed.
We need contemporary top-forty bands with a good repertoire of music, the ability to perform themes nights, and can keep the party going.

Contracts of up to six months with all expenses paid and a nice monthly salary. Plus you get to see the world, meet great people, and get paid for it!

To apply visit: http://www.mmec.com/casting-auditions or email auditions@mmec.com

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul

Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 9:07 AM

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Life Tragic has played in the twin cities for 10 years as a cover band and original band. We need a lead guitarist. Please see www.lifetragic.com to listen to originals and see past song list. We will be altering our cover song list to be more appealing to a wider audience without losing our rock edge. We practice in Lino Lakes and play out 4-5 a month.

Feel free to contact John at 612-382-4895 or email at john@lifetragic.com

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, Lino Lakes, MN

Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 8:17 AM

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Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 5:15 PM

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You can make your music known.
What you create matters.

It is your duty to get your songs out of your own hands and into the world consistently.

Nobody is going to knock down your door asking for your music.
You’ve got to be visible through your works.

It is not the time to sit back and wish you were making it in music.
The excuses of no time, no money, afraid of something that happened in the past and the list goes on and on and on - is NOT working for you.

It is your duty, an obligation and responsibility to create your music and put more life in the world today!

You have questions?
Let’s talk.

Recent Projects:


Jon Statham/ Producer


Los Angeles/ Nashville/ New York/ Worldwide

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, Anywhere/ Worldwide

Posted: Sunday, August 17, 2014 10:05 PM

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Music Producer - Take your rightful position on the world stage!

Producer Jon Statham - musician, arranger, visionary who is a consummate professional committed to quality work.
What he’ll bring to your song/s you can use to EXPAND your career.

It is your duty, obligation and responsibility to take action and get attention on your songs. You get what you put your attention on.

Recent Projects:


You have questions?

Let’s Talk

Jon Statham


Los Angeles/ Nashville/ New York/ Worldwide

• Location: Minneapolis / St. Paul, Anywhere/ Worldwide

Posted: Saturday, August 16, 2014 10:04 AM

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Established cover band (over 7 years) with gigs booked solid into 2015 is looking for an experienced lead singer and frontman to replace ours who will be relocating in a few months.

You should have experience fronting a band, have a 'catalog' of memorized songs, and be able to sing.

The band plays 2-3 gigs/month in the greater metro area. Rehearsals are as needed to ramp up and learn material. Members are expected to come to rehearsal prepared.

Band is made up of solid, professional, reliable musicians that pride themselves on a good show.

Material is primarily 80-90s upbeat rock with some country and pop thrown in. We play what gets crowds going, and not our favorites.

We are a fun group of people and like to have fun whether we're playing or rehearsing.

Replies should include a summary of your past experience, list of songs you know, and video from past performance(s).

If you have current substance abuse issues, no car, cant afford a microphone, havent been videoed singing since the camera-phone was invented, have only done karoke, and/or need lyric sheets for a three-song audition, you probably arent a good fit.

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, Metro

Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2014 5:56 PM

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Established cover band seeking new Keyboard/Synth player. Some vocal ability strongly desired. We are a group of seasoned musicians all life-long players who've individually been involved in both regional and national projects, and collectively have played together approx 2 years. We play a mix of Bluesy Rock, Funky Blues, R&B, and Classic/Current Country covers. 2 - 4 gigs p/month, weekly to bi-monthly reahearsal.

Looking for experienced & dependable Keyboardist who is open to playing a wide variety of music. Ability to program synth sounds for horns, strings, Hammond, etc. Ability to improvise, jam, and take creative turns with cover tunes (we don't always play exactly like the recordings), and have a good feel for dynamics, etc. If you sing, please have ability to harmonize well with 2 - 3 other voices. We don't care if you have "Pro" experience -- so long as you know your craft, have sufficient gear, and are motivated and personable! Age not important to us, but in case it is to you, we're all "39" and holding ;)

Please reply with your pertinent information --background overview, etc., and with any questions you may have for us. As always, any A/V links or MP3's appreciated.

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, East Metro/Western WI

Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2014 2:34 PM


What is your favorite retailer, Walmart or Target? Can you create a song for your favorite retail brand that is very exciting and will kick the other retail brand's butt and make your favorite retailer shine brighter above all others? Vote for your favorite retailer at: semajdryb@gmail.com

Post your song for your favorite retailer on Youtube by October 1, 2014.

Contact your favorite retailer at:

702 SW 8th. St.
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716

Target Corporation
1000 Nicllet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, Minneapolis

Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2014 10:50 AM


Having grown up on Jimi Hendrix and matured on George Benson, I now play anything in every genre. Call me at 651-368-7127. Viktor.

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, Saint Paul

Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2014 2:09 AM

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Solo/Dueling Pianist-Lead Vocalist seeks music gig. Also play some solo guitar and am a songwriter and am a session musician.

Also seeking a Booking Agent to help secure local to international gigs.

Much experience playing dueling pianos at Mall Of America to Disney and freelance. Also solo piano bar on International Cruise Lines. Am good with an international crowd and have a varied repertoire from classical music to Lady Gaga. Everything from quiet jazzy instrumentals to fun interactive sing along to taking requests. Click on the link to see a video sample of my piano bar demo.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbrcAu38ec8 Seeking anything from clubs to restaurants to hotels to cruise lines to corporate events to private parties to weddings to recording sessions. < Have many demo videos of varying styles on You Tube and Facebook. Also can play some solo guitar.

• Location: Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minneapolis

Posted: Thursday, August 14, 2014 1:28 AM

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I am a guitarist, male, 25-years-old, working with a singer, female, 22-years-old, to make demos for some songs I've written. We also want to create a band in which we play these songs, as well as more to come in the future, and some covers as well. What we have in mind is to go all the way. Record at least an album, play shows regularly, tour, maybe even...make it big (well, we certainly wouldn't object to making it that far!).

The demos we have been working on are not yet complete, so for now I'm unable to show you the songs with her voice for the next week or two. However, so I have at least something to show for now, there are some of the early versions of the songs, that I just threw together. Listen to them here:

What we are looking for is a bassist and a drummer. Maybe a keyboardist. I have, for now, free rehearsal space that's 20 minutes north of the twin cities. This is at least where the rehearsals will take place, but we can get something in a different location if that ends up being the best option.

For the bassist, we need someone that can play nice melodic lines, rather than just always emulating what the guitar is doing. I do have a Bassman head with a few available speakers for you to use, if you would like.

For the drummer, I'm a little bit picky. There are the basic requirements, being that you should be able to play up to the skill that the programmed drums are displaying on the demos. And also, not always changing the beats so that it ruins the songs. But, I also need you to use a set with at least four toms. The stuff I write is definitely not written with a four-piece set in mind. Also, I would need you to use a set that has two bass drums. It's fine if you use a double pedal with the second bass drum just used as a dummy, but it just gives a much better stage presence that way. However, to make matters much easier, I have an eight-piece Tama Superstar that you can use for rehearsals (makes it a whole lot easier that you don't have to carry around your drums every time you jam, doesn't it?) and performances. Though...you might wanna bring your own cymbals.

Aside from all that, there's the basics-no drug problems, no inflated egos, must be reliable, have reliable transportation, all that jazz. Just be sure you read all the important details.Hope to hear from you!

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, north burbs

Posted: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 12:59 AM

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A BETTER Choice for your Horn Section Chart Needs...:)

I have produced over 255 Horn Section Charts for your band... These have been professionally played and are PERFECT for your Rock, Soul, R&B, Blues, Swing, Disco, Oldies, Classic Rock and other style Horn groups!

Check out the charts in the catalog by groups like Tower Of Power, Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Cold Blood, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, The Blues Brothers, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Average White Band, Janis Joplin, Joe Jackson, Huey Lewis, Little Feat, The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Gary Moore, James Brown, Etta James, Crow, Southside Johnny, The Ides Of March, Jimi Hendrix, Rare Earth, Delbert McClinton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Commitments, The Crystals, The Funk Brothers and MANY other groups represented!!

I sell my Horn Section Charts for $15 each and in several packages:

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Shoot me an e-mail and I will send you my FREE Catalog and Horn Chart Samples!

Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and am very grateful to you for your business and support!

I'm ROCKING for your business... Call me direct and get the best deals!! 360-338-0051

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul

Posted: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 1:20 PM

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Get Your Music Heard
Industry Pros Want New Songs
Your Music Will Be Matched To Opportunities
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• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul

Posted: Saturday, August 9, 2014 11:13 AM


I am doing a melodic deathcore project with 4 songs already written for a demo thats going directly to Shawn Crahan and Corey Taylor of Slipknot...i play and 8 string Schecter Hellraiser and sing....i need a lead guitarist, bassist, and drummer.....if you have a recording studio music program to do the demo that is also is needed....once in a lifetime chance....

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, Minneapolis

Posted: Friday, August 8, 2014 12:31 PM


im doing a melodic/deathcore project and need a talented to either do studio recording a 4 song demo and to join the band....Shawn Crahan(clown) of slipknot is expecting the demo this fall from me personally so i need professionals....

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, minneapolis

Posted: Friday, August 8, 2014 12:02 PM


Jaedyn James and The Hunger.

Is a new Funk.Love.Soul. Band based in Minneapolis and is looking for enthusiastic horn players, keyboardists, and soulful back up singers. The band will be performing "Deep Track" Covers, Soulful Top 40, and Funktastic Originals. Influences include James Brown, Etta James, Ruth Brown, George Clinton, Ray Charles, Stylistics, Billy Preston, Bill Withers, Cee Lo and so forth. The crowd is going to cheer, cry, dance, exclaim! If you want to be a part of the sexiest.soulfullest band in town informal auditions will be held August-September.

Please e.mail: jjandthehunger for more information.

Or find us on facebook under "Jaedyn James and the Hunger"

Long Live Funk.Love.Soul.



• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, Minneapolis

Posted: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 12:37 PM


We are starting an online marketplace/social network geared towards all types of artists and art enthusiasts. Our site will give you the ability to sell your work/services, network, collaborate and gain exposure. There is no listing fee or charge for being a member, only a 5% commission fee upon finalization of sale.

Whether you are a Musician, Painter, Photographer, Writer, Model, Actor, Director, Dancer or someone who enjoys creativity, Artistically Social is for you :)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! mikefvaldez@gmail.com

There is also more information available on our site: http://www.artisticallysocial.com/blog/

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul

Posted: Monday, August 4, 2014 4:16 PM

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Singer n Drummer search for Guitar n Bass, Keys/Sampling Effects
for Kick Ass all original music with theatrical theme such as: Rob Zombie,
Slipknot, MushroomHead, Marilyn Manson! If ya wanna create the Sick and
are down with this madness we need to hear from you!

• Location: Minneapolis / St. paul, Twin Cities

Bass Player available
I am in search of a classic rock band... Working... Twin Cities
Local Musicians Wanted
Connect with local musicians and bands here: musicians wanted Free...
The Sutton and Blake variety show
We are entertainers who providea variety show which includes harmonizing... mpls
Cruise Ship Musicians and Bands Wanted
Mike Moloney Entertainment is seeking bands, soloists, and musicians to...
Established Cover Band seeks Lead Singer / Vocalist / Frontman
Established cover band (over 7 years) with gigs booked solid... Metro
Funk.Love.Soul. Band looking for Keys, Horns, and Backup.
Jaedyn James and The Hunger. Is a new Funk.Love.Soul. Band... Minneapolis

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